May 6, 2021

MAY 6, 2021 OLIVER COUNTY COMMISSION PROCEEDINGS were called to order at 8:00 A.M. with all members present.

      Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the agenda.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the April 8, 2021 minutes as written.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     The following bills were approved for payment:

A2Z Plumbing LLC 375.00, Allstate Peterbilt of Bismarck 551.63, Aramark 81.14, Auto Value Parts Store 106.46, BHG, Inc. 91.83, Butler Machinery 1,782.85, Capital One Trade Credit 19.00, Center Machine Inc. 461.77, Center Republican 295.45, Centre Inc. 960.00, City of Center 86.14, Computer Express 225.00, Dacotah Paper Co. 788.74, Directmed 143.22, Force America Distributing 4.32, High Point Networks 2,289.12, ITD 596.50, I-State Truck Center 1,504.16, Johnsen Trailer Sales 180.76, K & M Repair 32.89, MDU 1,150.13, Mercer County Sheriff Dept. 60.00, Mid Dakota Wheel Alignment 364.16, ND Workforce Safety & Insurance 250.00, NDACo 230.00, NDACo Resources Group 569.72, North Country Trucks & Parts 66.03, Oliver County Fire Department 3,000.00, Oliver Emergency Management 2,215.65, Quadient Finance USA 400.00, Robert’s Floral 89.83, Rud Oil & Gas 5,683.29, SBM 1,703.24, Schmidt, Richard 102.48, Security 1st Bank of ND 21,098.16, Stein’s Inc. 204.35, SW Water Authority 53.82, Team Laboratory Chemical 318.50, Titan Machinery 252.25, Verizon Wireless 370.68.

     The following bills previously paid were approved:

Aflac 527.38, Argus Dental & Vision 710.05, Beulah School District 659.05, Center Park District 347.56, Center-Stanton School District 75,667.93, City of Center 4,028.04, Custer District Health 3,688.83, Fidelity Security Life Ins. Co. 116.71, Glen Ullin School District 475.94, Hazen Rural Fire District 400.32, Hazen School District 5,061.04, Marco Technologies 347.72, Mercer County Ambulance 1,543.57, Mercer County Clerk of Court 500.00, Morton County Auditor 1,621.30, Morton County Council on Aging 2,055.50, Nationwide Retirement 1,950.00, ND State Treasurer 2,101.20, NDACo 195.60, New Salem Ambulance 882.03, New Salem Rural Fire District 208.20, New Salem-Almont School District 7,755.92, Oliver County Ambulance District 6,615.30, Oliver County Historical Society 305.05, Oliver County Rural Fire District 4,772.21, Oliver County Soil Conservation District 2,358.25, Oliver County Treasurer 1,308.94, Oliver County Water Management 893.45, Payroll 57,512.37, Red Top Recovery 301.25, Roughrider Electric 245.65, Security 1st Bank of ND 26,265.93, Schulte, Darrell 5,133.30, Selensky, Daniel 805.87, Smalls, Ashlee 35.80, Stanton Rural Fire District 24.84, SW Water Authority 1,091.86, Verizon Wireless 288.55, Visa 1,903.95, WARC 1,836.45, Washburn Rural Ambulance District 1,653.83, Washburn Rural Fire District 105.98, Washburn School District 2,144.93, Waste Management 133.13.

     Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the full page color ad in the 101 Things to Do – Summer Guide contingent on sharing the expense with the Community Club.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     John Wicklund, Land Use Administrator, presented Building Permit #956 for Jonathan & Jaidra Dagley for a 32’ x 68’ Modular home in the SW ¼ of Section 28-141-83 and Building Permit #957 for Bryan Reinhardt for a 40’ x 60’ x 12’ building to replace a 40’ x 80’ x 14’ building damaged during a storm.  Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve Building Permits #956 & #957.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Duric Hoff, Land Renter, discussed a section line in T141N-R82W between Sections 24 and 19 where about 250 feet of the established trail passes through John Dixon’s land.  Kyle Miller, Road Superintendent will look at it to see if it can be graded on the straight mile line so as not to pass through John Dixon property.

     John Dixon, Resident, then requested the county fix the section line between Sections 17 & 20 and 16 & 21 in T141NR81W.  Kyle Miller, Road Superintendent, will also look at that section line when out in the area.

     Carmen Reed, E911 Coordinator/Emergency Manager, discussed leaving the fire ban at Stage 2 until it greens up, mentioned the hazard mitigation plan was completed, and presented the Mercer-Oliver 911/Emergency Manager Quarterly Report for January 1st – March 31st, 2021.

     Charles Alderin, Resident, presented a land plat for approval.  Darrell Berger moved and Blake Wilkens seconded the motion to approve the land plat of Outlot A in the N1/2 NE1/4 of Section 13-143-84.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Kyle Miller, Road Superintendent, discussed roads, doors, employees and trees.

     The Commission looked over a handout of activities from the Oliver County Extension office for the months of January through March, 2021.

     Sandy Dahl, Crossroads Bar & Grill, discussed where to have a beer garden on the courthouse courtyard over Old Settler’s Days.

     The Commission walked around the courtyard looking at which sections of the sidewalk needed to be repaired this summer.

     Darrell Berger moved and Blake Wilkens seconded the motion to approve to update the employee handbook for Oliver County.  All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Outstanding gravel bills were discussed.  They will be applied to the tax bill for the resident that owes the gravel.

     Lee Husfloen was appointed as the delegate for the county to attend the Roughrider Electric Cooperative meeting and be the counties authorized voter.

     The meeting was adjourned at 10:59 A. M.

     The next meeting of the Oliver County Commission will be at 8:00 A.M., Thursday, June 3, 2021 at the Oliver County Courthouse meeting room.





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Judith M. Hintz, Oliver County Auditor        Lee Husfloen, Chairman of the Board