Recording Fees

Oliver County Recording Fees
NDCC 11-18-05.1.a and NDCC 11-18-05.1.b
Effective July 1, 2017

  • $20.00 for documents with one (1) to six (6) pages
  • $65.00 for documents with seven (7) to twenty five (25) pages
  • $3.00 per page for any additional page over 25
  • A one inch margin must still be provided on one side of each page or a $10.00 margin fee will be assessed, as it is today.
  • Related document numbers, first 10 free, then any additional related document numbers will be at a fee of $3.00 per document number.
  • The first 10 sections listed will be free and each additional section listed after 10 will be charged a fee of $1.00 per section listed.
  • FONT SIZE NDCC 11-18-05.1.a.(2) "The printed, written, or typed words must be considered legible by the recorder before the page will be accepted for recording and, unless the form was issued by a government agency, must have a font size equal to or larger than ten point Calibri."
  • ALL DOCUMENTS MUST have a three (3) inch [7.62 centimeters] margin across the top of the first page of each instrument for recording information.
    • NDCC 11-18-05.1.a.4 "A space of at least three inches [7.62 centimeters] must be provided across the top of the first page of each instrument for the recorder's recording information. If a space of at least three inches [7.62 centimeters] is not provided across the top of the first page, the recorder shall add a page, and an additional page charge must be levied in accordance with the fee structure."
      • Submitters can add a cover page with the title of the document at least three pages from the top of the page and this will serve as the first page. This would ensure the submitter knows exactly how many pages will be counted.
      • If a recorder must add a page and a 6 page document results in 7 pages, the $65.00 recording fee will be charged.
      • If the recorder adds a page to a 25 or more page document the additional $3.00 per page will be assessed.


Effective August 1, 2017
Only 1 of 2 statements of consideration will be accepted on a Deed or Affidavit of Affixation:
  • A statement of full consideration paid for the property conveyed.
  • A statement designating one of the exemptions in subsection 6 which the grantee believes applies to the transaction.