OLIVER COUNTY PLANNING & ZONING Commission was called to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Randy Schmidt, Ray Schmidt, Lonnie Henke, Corey Hintz, Darren Klingenstein, Wyman Scheetz, John Wicklund (Land Use Administrator) and Jaden Schmidt (Secretary).

Guests present were: Jeff Skaare, Jason Pulver, Terry Leingang, Wade Boeshans, Jamey Backus, Craig Bleth, Vicki Degenstein, Dave Degenstein, Allen Maize, James Swenson, Lavern Swenson, Dawn Martin, T. Martin, Amanda Hoffer, Keith Kessler, Dave Berger, Mikael Schmidt, Ken Schmidt, Linda Nelson, Darrell Berger, Jean Oddy, Jay Volk

Lonnie Henke moved and Darren Klingenstein seconded the motion to approve the agenda. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

Discussion was held on CO2 sequestration as well as potential requirements, conditions and information in regards to Summit Carbon Solutions and their conditional use permits.

Jay Volk, SCS, addressed the board to summarize the project.

Conditions to the SCS Conditional Use permit were discussed. Some comments and suggestions are below.

            -Dust Control-Board cannot specify what type/brand of product is used, but only the SCS uses something to suppress dust.

            -Road Grading/Blading and Maintenance

            -Safety-SCS needs to have a plan in place and discuss and coordinate with local Emergency entities

            -Lights should have a downshield

Public Comments and Questions for the Board and Summit were held.

Wyman Scheetz moved to close testimony and meet in one week (August 10) to discuss conditions to the permit. No public comment or testimony will be taken at this meeting. Ray Schmidt seconded the motion. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:51 PM. The next meeting of the Oliver County Planning & Zoning Board will take place on August 10 at 7 PM in the Oliver County Courthouse meeting room.


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Jaden Schmidt, Secretary                                                    Darren Klingenstein, Chairman of the Board