Oliver County Recorder's office accepts documents for recording electronically (eRecording) from title companies, abstractors, lenders, mortgage clearing facilities, attorneys, and other related businesses.

With the threat of the coronavirus we are asking document submitters to look into eRecording documents in the case of a shutdown and our office having to work from home. With eRecording we can record documents with ease from a computer from home. We encourage you to look at the possibility of eRecording.

We accept all types of documents through eRecording except Deeds, Plats and Surveys at this time.

The benefits of eRecording are:

• Reducing document errors and rejections

• Eliminating or reducing mailing and other document delivery costs

• Reducing delivery delays or document loss

• Improving document recording turn-around time

• Reducing redundancy

• Improving office efficiencies -- streamlines document workflow process

• Enhancing document security

If you are interested in eRecording documents please contact one of these vendors as they partner with us to ensure fast, efficient electronic recordings.

ePN eRecording Partners Network
Christie Price
Phone # 763-452-8298
Email: Christie@GOePN.com

Phone # 800-460-5657

CSC eRecording Solutions
Email: erecording@cscglobal.com
Phone # 866-652-0111

Indecomm Global Services
Email: Randall.haupert@indecomm.net
Phone # 651-766-5121