MARCH 1, 2022 OLIVER COUNTY COMMISSION PROCEEDINGS were called to order at 8:00 A.M. with all members present.

     Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the agenda. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the February 3, 2022 minutes as written. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     The following bills were approved for payment:

Allstate Peterbilt 511.91, Butler Machinery 23,722.22, Center Machine 376.33, Dacotah Paper Co. 772.00, Electronic Communications 19,259.00, Force America Distributing 112.92, Inland Truck Parts 134.97, ITD 1,195.70, Johnsen Trailer Sales 931.05, K&M Repair 4,626.78, McNulty-Eide, Mickie 98.41, Menard’s 391.50, Mercer County Sheriff’s Dept. 40,120.00, ND County Recorders Association 400.00, NDACo Resources Group 569.72, Nelson, Linda 81.90, Quadient Finance 200.00, Quadient Leasing 183.09, Radisson Inn 345.60, Rud Oil 7,284.70, SBM 27.97, Schmidt, Richard 477.36, Security First Agency of ND 8,018.00, Statewide Services 520.00, The Center Republican 250.00.

     The following bills previously paid were approved:

Aflac 569.64, Argus Dental & Vision 535.89, Beulah Rural Fire District 694.61, Beulah School District 72,331.12, Center Park District 8,208.39, Center-Stanton School District 316,039.62, City of Center 48,316.07, Custer District Health 25,780.41, Fidelity Security Life Ins. Co. 137.04, Fort Clark Irrigation 1,501.50, Glen Ullin Fire District 489.85, Glen Ullin School District 12,584.22, Hazen Rural Fire District 4,644.31, Hazen School District 53,820.46, Henke, Loren 1,407.85, Issak, Burton 47.35, Knight Truck Sales 34,500.00, Marco St. Louis 195.64, MDU 947.39, Mercer County Ambulance 12,572.16, Morton County Auditor 9,621.62, Morton County Council on Aging 15,709.11, Nationwide Retirement 2,050.00, ND Child Support Enforcement Division 500.32, ND State Treasurer 8,227.77, NDACo 177.80, New Salem-Almont School District 44,162.96, New Salem Ambulance 5,893.20, New Salem Rural Fire District 1,864.17, Oliver County Ambulance 48.717.12, Oliver County Historical Society 1,964.56, Oliver County Rural Fire District 22,159.96, Oliver County Soil Conservation 16,265.68, Oliver County Treasurer 1,410.95, Oliver County Water Management 4,646.25, Payroll 62,122.32, Railway Credit Union 117.97, Roto Rooter Sewer-Drain Service 310.00, Roughrider Electric 496.30, SBM 1,507.75, Security 1st Bank 47,433.85, Selensky, Dan & Jessica 391.49, Smith , Gary 1,779.03, Stanton Rural Fire District 1,344.20, SW Water Authority 101.97, Todd, Jeffrey 109.83, Verizon Wireless 287.93, Visa 3,668.05, Voegele, Jerome 46.44, Washburn Rural Ambulance 9,429.12, Washburn Rural Fire District 3,387.64, Washburn School District 22,149.97, Water Management 146.52, WRT 1,006.73, Wilkens, Blaine 538.19.

     Darrell Berger moved and Blake Wilkens seconded the motion to increase board pay for Oliver County Planning and Zoning Board, Weed Board, Soils Committee and Park Board to $45.00 per meeting from $40.00 per meeting. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Mickie McNulty-Eide, Center Community Club, asked to use the Courthouse Courtyard for activities during Old Settler Days, June 10th – 12th, 2022. Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to allow the use of the Courthouse Courtyard during Old Settler’s Days. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

   Bid opening was started at 8:30 A.M. with the opening of Fuel/Lubricants bids. Fuel/Lubricants bids were received from Enerbase and Rud’s Oil. 8:40 A.M. Bids for Rental Construction Equipment were opened. Rental Construction bids were received from Baranko Bro’s Inc. 8:55 A.M. Bids for Crushing Gravel were opened. Gravel Crushing bids were received from Aggregate Construction Inc., Sundre Sand & Gravel, Inc., Fisher Industries, and Knife River. Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to accept all bids received. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Kyle Miller, Road Superintendent, discussed road, gravel, trees, sewer and windows.

     Nick Bobb, Liberty Business Systems, Inc., mentioned at Liberty Business Systems they do flat rate billing, doesn’t matter if it’s color or black and white. He was looking into getting into our area servicing printers and copiers.

     Kurt Swenson, Oliver County Resident, and Jay Volk/Jeff Skaare, Summit Carbon Solutions, discussed the Summit Carbon Project. Kurt Swenson was following up from a previous meeting to see if Summit Carbon Solutions had followed through on what was all previously discussed. Signage was discussed. Summit Carbon Solutions stated they have escort vehicles in the front and the back of trucks delivering to their site to keep the speeds down. It was discussed the signage will stay up during the project. Summit Carbon Solutions has provided copies of the permits and liability insurance to the Oliver County State’s Attorney. An Irrevocable Letter of Credit for road repairs has not been provided as of this date. It was discussed to have the amount be $25,000.00. Summit Carbon Solutions stated they would rather have a bond in the amount of $25,000.00 but it was agreed that since the residents requested at the Planning & Zoning Board meeting to have an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, that is what the County is asking Summit Carbon Solutions to provide. Darrell Berger moved and Blake Wilkens seconded the motion to have the Irrevocable Letter of Credit provided by Summit Carbon Solutions to be in the amount of $25,000.00. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

     Cale Ferderer, Deputy Sheriff, and David Hilliard, Sheriff, met with the commission to discuss the work schedule for Cale Ferderer due to his recent health issues. It was decided the county will work with Cale until he has fully recovered to be able to do the Deputy Sheriff patrolling duties again.

     The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 A. M.

 The next meeting of the Oliver County Commission will be at 8:00 A.M., Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the Oliver County Courthouse meeting room.





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Judith M. Hintz, Oliver County Auditor       Lee Husfloen, Chairman of the Board