July 6th, 2023

OLIVER COUNTY COMMISSION PROCEEDINGS were called to order at 8:00 AM with all members present.


Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the agenda with additions. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.


Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the June 1st meeting. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.


Blake Wilkens moved and Darrell Berger seconded the motion to approve the following bills for payment and approve the following bills previously paid. A roll call vote was held, with Darrell Berger, Blake Wilkens and Lee Husfloen all voting aye, none opposed. Motion carried.


Allstate Peterbilt of Bismarck-5867.83

Auto Value Mandan-22.99

Butler Machinery-4782.13

CapFirst Equipment Finance-20840.56

Capital One Trade Credit-99.95

Center Republican-143.50

James Christoff-58.95

Computer Express-850.00

Dacotah Paper Co-976.00

Dakota Business Solutions-235.99

Farm & Home Supply-151.92

Lee Husfloen-58.95

Inland Truck Parts-283.32

I-State Truck Center-50.20


Jakes Auto Glass-1899.27

Johnsen Trailer Sales-92.16

K&M Repair-715.86

Thomas Kaspari-600.00

Mainstay Suites-191.38

Matthew Bender & Co-354.31

Mercer County Sheriff Dept-150.00

Mercer/Oliver 911-22123.35

NDACO Resources Group-645.72

Nelson International-237.07

Nutrien Ag Solutions-8766.00

NW Tire-3373.55

Robert Gibb & Sons-2385.08

Richard Schmidt-1501.43

Software Innovations-550.00

Statewide Services-1442.00

Stein’s Inc-83.29

Titan Machinery-154.00

Tyler Technologies-4482.73

Vanguard Appraisals-2675.00

Keith Vitek-500.00

Washburn Autobody-3932.82

Woodworth Law Office-95.00

Quadient Leasing-183.09

Quadient Finance-198.00

Snap On JEH Inc-3750.00

Freedom Truck Center-5802.11

Rud Oil-21180.89

SM Lawn Service-354.0

Direct Med-54.56

Rebecca Bethke-233.88

Keri Brown-6.99


The following bills previously paid were approved:



Barcodes LLC-94.52

Beulah Rural Fire-17.31

Beulah School District-1404.75

Howard Bubel-1027.07

C&H Glass-76309.00

Center JDA-2500.00

Center Park District-1204.65

Center-Stanton School-17828.44

City of Center-8379.84

Colonial Life-89.31

Farm & Home Supply-161.70

Fidelity Security Life Ins-137.44

T Jay Gustafson-38.98

Hazen Rural Fire-122.12

Hazen School-1412.24

HR Collaborative-50.00

Liberty Business Systems-467.29

Jesse & Carrie Maier-163.14

Marco Technologies-379.30


Mercer County Ambulance-406.22

Morton County Auditor-648.53

Morton County Council on Aging-506.87

Nationwide Retirement-2150.00

ND Child Support Enforcement-250.16

ND State Treasurer-1796.91


Nelson International-81000.00

New Salem Ambulance-90.71

New Salem Rural Fire-28.48

New Salem-Almont School-643.68

Oliver County Ambulance-1653.80

Oliver County Historical Society-63.55

Oliver County Rural Fire-1075.27

Oliver County Soil Conservation-620.40

Oliver County Treasurer-2072.69

Oliver County Water Management-154.71

Roughrider Electric-142.50

Sandy’s Cake Decorating & Catering-1186.50

Security First Bank of ND-75030.30

Statewide Services-3003.00

SW Water Authority-77.62

William Trotter-1995.25


Verizon Wireless-369.39


Washburn Rural Ambulance-310.78

Waste Management-158.09


Western Plains Public Health-848.02

Lora Woodbury-154.30




Linda Nelson, Deputy Auditor, gave an update on increases in Health Insurance and Retirement.


The Oliver County Park Board Meeting was called to order at 8:15 AM by Dave Berger. The account balance is at $2500.00. The Oliver County Fair Board put in a request for $500 for toilets for the fair. Motion by Darrell Berger, second by Lee Husfloen to approve the request for $500 to the Fair Board. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

The Center City Park Board put in a request for $500 for the Summer Rec Programs. Darrell Berger moved and Blake Wilkens seconded the motion to approve the request for $500 to the Center City Park Board for the Summer Rec Program. All in favor, none opposed; motion carried.

The Park Board meeting was adjourned at 8:30 AM.


Erin Ourada, Western Plains Public Health, presented the budget review and request. A Joint Board Meeting of Commissioners in the Western Plains Public Health district will be held on August 15th at 10 AM.


The August Commission meeting will be moved from August 10th to August 3rd due to a Court Trial happening on the 10th.


The November Commission meeting will be moved from November 9th to November 2nd due to a Court Trial.


The City Council and the Commissioners will meet and hold a joint meeting/hearing on August 7th at 6pm to discuss the Joint Powers Agreement for Policing.


The following Resolution was discussed and passed:



Oliver County North Dakota



A Resolution calling for a meeting of the Oliver County Redistricting Board during the census interim to redistrict the Commissioner Districts, as required by law.

WHEREAS the 2020 federal census has been completed and published and the census results indicate that the population of an Oliver County commissioner district may vary by more than ten percent from the average population per commissioner; and

WHEREAS the County inadvertently failed to meet the deadline for holding a meeting within three months after the official publication of the federal decennial census, as required under N.D.C.C. §11-07-02, and the County desires to resolve the issue by directing the Oliver County Redistricting Board to meet, consider whether the geographical boundaries of the commissioner districts needs to be adjusted so that there is no more than ten percent variance in population, and that the Board file a map of the new district boundaries (if required) by January first of 2024.  


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of County Commissioners of Oliver County, that a meeting of the Oliver County Redistricting Board (comprised of those persons listed in N.D.C.C. §11-07-01) be called by the Chairman to be held within three months from passage of this Resolution, to organize as provided under N.D.C.C. Chapter 11-07 and to consider redistricting of the commissioner districts, if required.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Board of County Commissioners, that, in the event the Redistricting Board determines there to be a population variance of more than ten percent per district, then the Redistricting Board shall comply with the requirements of N.D.C.C. Chapter 11-07, prepare a redistricting plan, and file it with the Auditor on or before January 1, 2024.


            At its regular meeting on July 6, 2023, Commissioner Darrell Berger moved the foregoing Resolution, seconded by Commissioner Blake Wilkens, the following voting for: Blake Wilkens, Darrell Berger, and Lee Husfloen, and None voting against, the Resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.

            Dated this 6th day of July, 2023.




Lee Husfloen, Chairman                                






Jaden Schmidt, Oliver County Auditor



Kyle Miller discussed road issues. Striping on pavement was discussed. Discussion was also held on purchasing a gravel trailer for county roads.

Kyle Miller reviewed the County Roads budget requests.


The Regular Commission meeting was recessed at 9:15 AM to conduct Bridge Project Interviews.


The Commission meeting was called back in to order at 9:45 AM