July 2, 2024 Commission Meeting

8:00 AM         Call to Order


8:01 AM         Approve Agenda


8:03 AM         Approve minutes of May 2, 2024 Meeting


8:05 AM         Approve Bills


8:20 AM         Linda Nelson, Risk Manager – Budget Review


8:30 AM         Minnesota Power HVDC Modernization Project-Kyle Larson & Daniel McCourtney


8:50 AM         Dave Hilliard, Sheriff – Budget Review


9:00 AM         Erin Ourada, Western Plains Public Health-Public Hearing


9:15 AM         Kyle Miller, Road Superintendent – Budget Review


9:20 AM         Road Issues

                       Larry Orgaard, Resident


9:25 AM         BNI-Staff Introductions and Updates


9:30 AM         Patrick Waters, State’s Attorney – Budget Review


9:40 AM         Richard Schmidt, Extension Agent – Budget Review


9:50 AM         Mickie McNulty-Eide, Recorder/Clerk of Court – Budget Review


10:00 AM       Laura Huber, Treasurer – Budget Review


10:10 AM       Patricia Koapke, Equalization Director – Budget Review


10:15 AM       Jaden Schmidt/Patricia Koapke, Planning & Zoning – Budget Review


10:20 AM       Planning & Zoning Updates

                       Building Permit

                        Robert Bohrer #1041

                       2024-02 CO2 Ordinance Amendment – 2nd Reading & Final Passage Decision


10:40 AM       Jaden Schmidt, Auditor – Budget Review



Elect NDACO delegate – For October Conference

         According to the NDACo Constitution, the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners in each county is to call a meeting of all county officials granted membership by the State Council (commissioners, auditor, clerk of court, recorder, sheriff, state’s attorney, treasurer, tax director, county engineer and human service zone directors) to elect, with each person casting one vote, the county’s representative and an alternate (if they so choose) to the State Council. This must be done before September of odd-numbered years.

October NDACO Conference-Rooms & Registration

NDACO County Tour-July 25th at Oliver County

Joint Meeting w/ City to Discuss Police Agreement-Select a Date

Certificate of Appreciation-Oliver County Ambulance

Juvenile Detention Contract

Sheriff’s Deputy VISA card

CISA SAFE Assessment Revisit

Poll Site Accessibility Assessment

Salary Study Info