May 30, 2024 Planning & Zoning Meeting

7:00 PM    Call to Order


7:01 PM    Pledge of Allegiance


7:02 PM    Approve Agenda


7:03 PM    Approve Minutes – April 25th, 2024


7:05 PM    Conflict of Interest Discussion/Vote

                  Any board member is requested to note any conflict on current agenda items and the board will determine if that member may discuss and/or vote.


7:10 PM    Building Permits

                  Mark Albers-Addition to Home

                  Brink Construction-NextEra Substation Concrete Pads

                  Atwell-NextEra Transmission Line Poles


7:20 PM    Brian Bitner, Burleigh County Commissioner

                  Curtis Jundt, Bismarck Energy Engineer/Economist

                  CO2 Sequestration Discussion


7:30 PM    CO2 Ordinance Amendment Hearing



Ag Permits and Permit Form-Lonnie Henke

Discussion on a Solar Ordinance Amendment